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Yes, well, it’s quite an extraordinary position to be in to sort of say, “Hello, I’m Peter, and I’m playing this iconic historically much-loved character that’s been around for 50 years.” - Peter Capaldi [x]

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This is ostensibly an interview from TIFF, but actually it’s Tom and Noomi having a no-filters conversation with each other about acting, being friends, making The Drop — and then mock fighting over Rocco. And Noomi brings up the Big-Man-with-Little-Puppy loveme-porn. She’s ace. Enjoy the chemistry:

Part One: Making the Movie Together

Both of you are chameleons in all of your films; it’s something you have in common.  It’s hard for people to get the varsity of roles that you get in which you can display these gifts. Why? Is it comfortable, the way you are?

Noomi – We are both extremely passionate about exploring things and try to find the truth and to bring things to life. We are both competitive with ourselves and never happy, never satisfied.  I can always go further, I can always do better. I think we both have that passion and obsession in a way – how far what’s in there how deep can you dig. Not driven by vanity, it’s not about you coming in to look like a sexy leading man.

Tom – I can do that. I don’t lean on that, honestly. I try to avoid it. I do it for you more than anybody.

Noomi – Shut up! I’m talking about you!  I saw Bronson and I remember before I met Tom and I saw you have go into stuff unprotected so you can rip yourself open. It’s about what comes out, not about looks, it’s about something else. I don’t care if I have to lose weight or gain weight or dye my hair or get piercings, that’s just cosmetic, one small detail. The emotional and psychological process.  If I’m in a good situation and am with people I trust and respect there’s nothing I wouldn’t do emotionally and psychologically. I would go any place and with Tom I feel so safe and I trust you and we could do any film and have any relationship and I would not protect myself.  I don’t need to come in and be on guard. Even if I do a bad take he has my back and I get braver and I can grow.

Tom – Transformation is not for everybody. With actors, sand some are drawn towards transformative work and specificity and some people are genuinely drawn and participate and it costs. There’s a risk of looking stupid.  And there are people who can go the vanity call and enjoy the thrill of transform and being someone genuinely other than themselves at the bets of their ability. It’s a buzz. It’s good fun.  If there is an element of chameleon to either of us, we are both character actors, and enjoy leads but come back to characters and transform as much as possible. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  It’s more fulfilling to try than churn out being an “actor” and there’s nothing wrong with that, to them it’s a job and they enjoy playing roles.  They don’t change or transform.

Noomi – I find that quite boring, they come in and they play its their way, you know exactly what they are going to do.  It doesn’t matter what you do because they’ve decided what it is. Both like working with you I don’t know where it’s going to go, its life, living, so alive. You have to be open. Some takes can be more aggressive and then funny and it feels like were moving. It’s almost like an organism that you can’t control. I’m pretentious.

Tom – It’s not pretentious. You’re talking about process. And the question is about being a chameleon and transformation, or not. There are two sides. Recently I did something hip but it’s not I’m going to be this persons with this hat, they don’t change their accent or look. A very good performer can tell you a story but they don’t transform. People try to immerse themselves entirely and fool the dog and their children to think they are somebody else to the point where they will go to extremely into that investigation. People on this planet go into the character.  But we do entertain and go in for character work. It’s really hard to do that. Others don’t go into transformation and they’re very good. I can’t do that so I do this. Shave my head, grow a beard, and use an accent.

Noomi – I wish I could do things cooler, more technical, just do it and go home and be a normal person. I can’t, I tried.

Tom – We’re never going to be movie stars babe. We’re liars. We lie professionally.

Noomi – Can’t you say something nice about me?  I’ve been talking about you the whole time.

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